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“Queso Blanco” is a uniquely Hispanic white cheese, delightfully mild, soft & creamy when heated. The gourmet artisan dough used to wrap the delightful Hispanic "Queso Blanco” is based upon principles of the ancient art  of dough making. We’ve taken the time so you don’t have to. Buttery & flavorful treat, never greasy. Fast and easy to prepare, just fry them and serve alone or with a surprisingly wide variety of dipping sauce, ketchup, hot sauces, mayonnaise, mustards, Asian sauces, or salsas. Both children & adults will love this traditional Latin American dish. Tequeños are originally from Venezuela but is rapidly spreading among other countries for its unique and likeable taste.


Box contains 16 Tequeños. Net Wt. 12 oz (340g)


Delicious mix of tapioca starch, Hispanic white cheese and butter, our product will bring to your table a well known Latin American tradition. GLUTEN FREE and ready to bake. Its delicious taste and aroma will captive your family and friends. Perfect for breakfast with hot cocoa, coffee, tea or to accompany your meals as a bread alternative, it is also and excellent snack, a practical and tasty solution for picnics, parties or any meal. This products is a Colombian tradition but it is gaining popularity among people who is gluten intolerant.  


Box contains 8 Pandebonos. Net Wt. 13 oz (370g)

Easy Dough

For tostadas, empanadas, egg rolls, pastelitos, and cannelloni. Moist crispy dough contains no yeast, easy and convenient, just choose your favorite filling, stuff and bake or fry, for delicious meal. Each disc is individually separated with a very thin film that protects the quality of each disc and allows you to easily separate the disc to prepare your meal. We guarantee your family and friends will love this product, you can now use all your left over to fill your empanadas, or you can prepare ground meat, beans, vegetables, scramble eggs, tuna, chicken, turkey, jam and cheese, your imagination is the limit to enjoy a fast, easy and healthy variety of meal with our product!

Box contains 14 Discs. Net Wt. 12.7 oz (362 g)


Ready Dough

It is a unique, easy-to-use noodle that needs no pre-cooking. Each dough sheet is individually separated for the highest quality and fast, easy preparation. Pre-cut sheets eliminate time-consuming cutting and measuring, too. Make meal preparation faster and easier with ready-to-bake Ready Dough perfect for lasagna, cannelloni, egg rolls and ravioli.

Box contains 4 dough sheets. Net Wt. 16 oz (453g)

Our products have an artisan characteristics, they are hand rolled and made only in small continuous batches.

This is the only way to maintain their authentic flavor and unique texture.