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In Their Own Words… What people have to say about Delicious Bite products



“Thanks for bringing tequenos to our harris teeter. My husband was soooo happy. I brought them today and fixed them right up. Don't think he could be happier. You made our day just a bite better."

Facebook posting by Linda G.

June 9, 2012


 “Probe los tequenos. Me encantaron. Me dio mucha alegria verlos en el supermercado y conocer sobre delicious bite. Mucho Exito”

Facebook posting by Ingrid N.

February 1, 2012


“No se como en diciembre aparecio la pagina en face, y ahi lei que los vendian en giant… inmediatamente fui a comprarlos 6 cajas.. hizo nuestro semana, anossss, sin probarlos …. Heaven!!!!”

Facebook posting by Rosalba B.

January 11, 2012


“We love the tequenos and love to buy them at Fiesta Supermarkets in Houston. We do not find then in Tulsa and they are delicious!”

Facebook recommendation by Elisa M.

January 2012


“Este fin de semana probamos los pandebono muy buenos, y probe su método de hacer los tequeños al horno y nos parecieron excelentes de hecho los recomiendo mas horneados que fritos el queso de esa forma conserva mas sabor, excelentes productos!!!!“

Facebook posting by Mercedes S.

Septiembre 26, 2011


“Thank you for making Tequenos! I am originally from Maracaibo the city that Tequenos are from, you have no idea how great this is”

Facebook posting by Ana E. L.

August 14, 2011


“Esta mañana desayune pandebonos!!!! Que rico!!! Gracias!!!! Facebook posting by Lina Isabel  H.

August 1, 2011


“… Ya los probe, tuve la fortuna de conseguir la ultima cajita que quedaba en la nevera, los tequenos son deliciosos!!!!!!!! Gracias… " Facebook posting by Aima T.

July 5, 2011




“Les cuento q fui al Walmart en IL q queda mas cerca de donde vivo y no habia.. Pero revise mejor la lista y fui a la otra y listo! Los encontre son buenisimooooo!!!! La masa excelente! El queso sabe a queso blanco rico!!! La verdad q estan buenisimos! A mis ninas les encantaron y a esposo tambien! Me compre 8 cajas!!! Jaja! Tambien compre pan de bono ese aun no lo he hecho lo voy a hacer pero se ve buenisimo! No dejen de mandarlos para aca! Pleaseee! Voy a recomendarselos a todos los venezolanos q conozco para q los compre.. Gracias…!!

Message from Barbara

May 31,  2011


“Ya los probe, una delicia! Me compre cuatro cajas!”

Facebook posting by Migdalia Q.

May 1, 2011


“ya probe los tequeños y saben a los que hace mi mama los felicitos que Dios les bendiga y propere su negocio.”

Facebook posting by Leditza D.

April 26, 2011


“just to tell you a quick message: me and my family absolutley fell in LOVE with the cheese rolls....the sweet yet cheesesy rolls..OMG..they are a HAVE TO HAVE in our freezer...for snacks..for appetizers... and for side dishes...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

keep up the greAT food!!!”

Message from Patty M.

September 29,2010


“I just came from Stop & Shop and I bought two boxes of tequeños. They are very delicious I felt back at home in Venezuela where Tequeños are the heart of the parties. A Birthday party or any other party in Venezuela with out Tequeños is not a real party. Thanks for making them.”

Message from Caryl T.

July 7, 2010



“gracias!!!!!!!!!! los encontreeeeeee! y estan deliciosos!!! mi esposo compro 5 cajas!!! jajajajaja a el le encantan los tequenos!!!!“

Facebook posting by Ingrid P. W.

July 5, 2011


"I came from Spain to visit family and they surprised me with tequeños... These are better than my moms. Me encantan !! :)"

Facebook posting by Adriana M.

July 1, 2011


“I just want to thank you for creating such a wonderful quality line that does not disappoint:) I did the happy dance in the isle of Stop & Shop when I found Delicious Bite Pandebono... An eight count gets gobbled up in two minutes by my family of four! As a Brazililian American family we felt uneasy to say, "I like this better than Pao de Queso:/" I am even happier to see that this is a local company created by a woman. That is inspiring! 

Comment made by Lori A. at The Brain Behind “Delicious Bite” Celebrity Dialogue article.

June 29, 2011




"Muy ricos los tequenos hace 15 dias compre 8 cajitas y solo me quedan 2 a mis hijos les encantan !!!! Los felicito y mil gracias !!!”

Facebook posting by Soledad F.

June 21, 2011



Facebook posting by Jeannette C.

June 15, 2011


“Hi susana! wow...good for you a woman owned company..."YOU GO GIRL".(i know thats so lame ..(as my 12 year old daughter would say)...but it fits on the  WOMAN OWNED company!!. We live in Westfield Massachusettes....!and I have to admit.. I went threw my TRASH last night to find the empty I could send you guys a message...!!!.....

I spent 2 hours at the "Stop and Shop" in West Springfield , Mass and then I went to "Big Y" in West Springfield AND Westfield but" BIG Y "doesn't carry anything from your company!... so maybe "Stop and Shop" ran out.. but I refused to buy ANY OTHER brand!!! so today i am going to the WESTFIELD, Mass.."… Stop and Shop "to see if they have the rolls!!! my 21 year old son ...who is already on his own... comes to my house every night for dinner (has his own place but still comes to mama's for his home cooked meal)... has been waiting for his cheese rolls... ive had them on the table with EVERYTHING I make for dinner!!and sometimes i had them for my 12 year old to snack on after school with her friends!!!!  oh believe me with my BIG MOUTH.. you guys should see some increase in sales.. Ive told my sisters in connecticut ... Manhattan.. and the Hamptons ... to go grab some!!! ... It's the sweetness and the cheese blend makes you want another!! please feel free to post this message where ever you feel you want ! I cant say enough great things about these rolls!!!!!! just keep them coming to western mass. and ill be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the GREAT products!!!!”

very sincerely yours patty.

p.s. im on my way NOW to see if the Westfield "Stop and Shop" have MY CHEESE ROLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Message from Patty M.

September 29,  2010



Delicious and delicious! Tequenos have definitely become one of our favorite dinners. My 4 and 2 years old love them, and so do my husband and I. We often have them at dinnertime because it is easy to prepare. I also served them at parties (one of my son’s birthday and at a girls’ night). They were a hit. Absolutely “delicioso”!

Message from Sabine S.

October 25, 2008